“Seeing” wins film award

Behind the scenes and stills from Seeing short film. Original music: Nolan Furnell.

It’s been about 10 months since we’ve completed Seeing. You can find the full listing of our cast and crew on IMDB here:


We’ve entered into a few short film festivals and we have been recognised by a some of these from around the world, which is terrific. Unfortunately, some festivals have had to cancel, or at least cancel live screenings, due to COVID-19.

The big news is we have been awarded Best Thriller at the May edition of New York Movie Awards:

Seeing was also a finalist at the New York Movie Awards for the original score by local musician Nolan Furnell. Normally, New York Movie Awards hold live screenings for official selections, but these are currently suspended.

New York Movie Awards is a monthly international film festival. Their mission is to promote films, and be another step up in the filmmakers’ careers. Find us among the May winners here:


So what’s a film festival?

Film festivals these days come in lots of different formats. They are essentially a competition – filmmakers from around the world submit their film projects and a number of these are ‘officially selected’ or awarded in different categories by film festivals. Often film festivals have 100s of entries, typically with 10% to 50% ‘officially selected’. There might be different categories, for example, “Best Thriller” or “Best Original Music”.

Some film festivals have live screenings for films that have been officially selected (largely, these have been cancelled, suspended or postponed since March 2020). Other film festivals have online screenings. Others are award events, with a small number of films selected annually for a live or online screening.

Seeing film festival achievements

  • New York Film Awards: Winner, Best Thriller; Finalist, Best Original Score
  • Flickfair: Finalist, Live Action Short Film
  • Long Distance Film Fest: Semi-Finalist, Short Film
  • Top Indie Film Awards: Nominee, Best Original Idea; Nominee, Best Music
  • Direct Monthly Online Film Festival: Official Selection, Short Film
  • Focus International Film Festival: Official Selection, Short Film
  • One Eye Film Festival: Official Selection, Local Short Film

Where can we watch Seeing?

Currently, Seeing is not available publicly online, due to the rules of some film festivals we have entered. Later this year, we will be able to make the film available on YouTube. Shortly after, it will be made available on Amazon Prime Video.

Can I be a part of/support a short film project?

Sure! Click here to contact us and find out more.